Gentle Jesters is an all-volunteer group of clowns and non-clown entertainers who proudly donate their talents in support of Tulsa charities' education, fund-raising, and community outreach events. Charities we have supported include these.

We entertain as face painters, balloon artists, slapstick comedians, purveyors of bad jokes, and general all 'round clowns. We clown because we care, and want to share laughter and joy throughout our community.

Out of respect for our members' individual beliefs, we do not support any political or religious organizations as a group. Of course, privately we are free to support whichever organizations are meaningful to us.

The collective vision that the Gentle Jesters share supports the softer, more approachable clown. Our members strive to entertain in such a way as not to frighten. We choose not to approach those who might be overwhelmed by clowns, preferring instead to be approachable ourselves. In so doing, we hope to ensure a fun time for everyone, and to dispell any fears some might have of clowns. Our members adhere strictly to the Clown Code of Ethics.

The caring heart that leads a person into becoming a clown is the motivation behind the Gentle Jesters. If you are a clown, are interested in clowning, or know of an area organization we could help, please contact us.