Our History

In April of 2005, several big-hearted individuals answered an ad in the local newspaper soliciting volunteers to help non-profit organizations with their fund-raising activities. In addition, they would be trained to be clowns. Most were intrigued and genuinely wanted to help. Over the course of many weeks, the newly involved volunteers gathered with more seasoned individuals, and learned to apply clown makeup and develop a costume, practice funny walks and exaggerate facial expressions. Face painting and ballow twisting were studied in detail. Many volunteer hours were donated to help local charities raise funds, and in the process, the individuals in the group evolved into caring, dedicated clowns sharing one vision.

In January of 2006, our founder relocated out-of-state with her family. The group members panicked! What would they do?

Empowered by good training and a gererous spirit, the small group of new clowns was determined to carry on. With the help of the remaining, more experienced clowns, they decided to form a new group.

In May of 2006, the Gentle Jesters were formed. Comprised of people from all ages and walks of life, the Jesters share a common goal...